NagaSita as the Spectre of Mata Hari @ TRIBAL WEEKEND 2013

GALA SHOW "Phantasmagoria"
  • natasha costa

    she is a Goddess of Gaia and feels the music and makes art of her soul to flow to be a divine essence of love and grace. one of the true traditional dancing with the hypnotic and mesmorizing energy to do this. thank you very much for your beautiful work

  • S. Zabow

    The dancer is fantastic, but the camera work very poor: either very far or too close.

  • Samantha Castillo

    Guaooo Que Espectáculo

  • tan siau we

    It's not like that. Mata hari more to baliness touch not middle east

  • Sokha Jenkins

    Mata Hari became a spy both for German and France, she got her dance from Indonesia, while station there with her husband, religion there was Hinduism, she was taught to dance for her husband and his friends or high official before she became a spy..

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