5 Tips for shooting promotional videos. смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

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  • Daniel Anthony

    awesome advice my man I agree with everything you said. would love to get your feedback on my recent work which is fitness based. Barley starting up my youtube channel but would love your advice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjRkKUGkC_o

  • Elaine Miles

    Good tips, thanks! Don't have a link yet but will share when complete.

  • Tam Nguyen

    This video is super helpful for me. I just start a business to shoot for different community events for Revitalization projects. Quick question when u have to put together al the footages on the fly at sites or events what mobile apps do you use to quickly edit the video for highlight/promo video?

  • Scott Prince Media

    So how would one handle getting model releases for a busy coffee shop with folks going in and out? I'm guessing avoid large crowd shots?

  • MrOctopus

    I found this tips is so great for my project.

  • De Thomas

    Hi Nick.  Thanks for posting this vid...especially, listing the gear you used.  I'm a singer who needs to Promote!  Promote!  Promote!  And your post is going to help a ton!

  • Tamia Washington

    Pretty helpful...thanks


    Hi there thanks for the video, what the name of the application you are using to edit your video?

  • Sophelia Yandell

    Great info working on product launch video!! blissfullyso.com

  • prakask123

    Good tips .. very helpful

  • Raf Garcia

    Awesome vid! Thank you for the advice!

  • Gio Van der Vegt

    Your amazing, even made some notes <3 maybe do an interview part 2

  • Krystal Henderson

    Great advise Nick. I'm shooting a video for my business to go on my new website and this really helped out.

  • One Eye Blind Media

    Nice, this really helped me with laying out my first shoot. I will be shooting a boot camp promo for a local fitness center! A bit nervous!!

  • Regina Garcia

    Thank you! So helpful

  • Melvin Griffith

    Such great tips. Thank you!

  • Hospitality Vault

    Thanks Nick....Great tips... Things I never think about!!

  • Salma Schempp

    Very helpful tips, thank you!!

  • David McIlroy

    Great video - would it be possible to do another video geared towards promoting a person rather than product/business?

  • denise alexe

    Thank you so much!!!! Make more of these

  • doveshack1000

    Good video! Great suggestions. Quick, to the point, entertaining to watch!!! Nice work Buddy!!!

  • Njeri A Buncamper

    Which point and shoot camera do you recommend?

  • Thomas Godfrey


  • Ishna Hagan

    I like the tip about having a beginning, middle, and end. It helps me keep in mind organization/flow. -- And yes have fun. I want people to enjoy what I create. Thanks for the clear, helpful tips.

  • Sapna Dhar Katiyar

    Amazing Tips. I resonated with choosing to show an emotion for the product! I have to create a promotional video for my clothing store www.prthvi.org

  • findingharmony

    This was really helpful. I'm trying to learn more about making good video content for my business www.findingharmonydesigns.com

  • Marlin Roth

    Thank you for this video. I have shot mostly outdoors/fishing videos on GoPro and a Nikon L820 point-and-shoot, but I volunteered to shoot an event video for a local non-profit this Friday and I have been researching some tips. This video has been very helpful. Obviously I am currently limited on ultra high quality footage by not having a DSLR yet, but I am pretty proud of the L820 as a decent budget camera for right now.

  • Jmf media

    thanks Nick shooting a promo for a kindergarten. If you have any more tips inbox me whatsapp +254708627567

  • Mohammed Zerari

    Thanx man, pretty cool video

  • Akinlawon Frierson

    Great video...how do you edit your videos

  • JzD Productions

    Not gonna lie, was really disappointed with your promo video video example

  • Ben Housten

    You seem sincere and unintimidating. People like you deserve to have a lot of success doing what you do.

  • Shrikant Tuli

    This was really really worth it.. Only the video you showed is not up to the mark.. camera pan and all.. :P.. But superb video

  • Blind Playthroughs

    What is the song that you're using for the Promo Ex?

  • Loubna Yousfi

    This was very useful thanks !!

  • Jelani Johnson

    thanks for the info Nick

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